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"When I work with my clients right from our first time connecting their utmost care and attention are of the highest importance to me."

We connect on the phone, email, or social media and set up your FREE Consultation. No pressure, we are here for you whenever you are ready to take the next step.

During your free consultation in person or online, it is an opportunity to answer all your questions, as well to learn more about what goals you would like to achieve through Hypnotherapy. I will share with you how I can help you work with your minds own natural abilities to create this positive change. Your free consultation also gives us the opportunity to ensure we will be a good fit in working together to achieve your goals. This initial trust and comfort are as essential to your success, as the work we do during each session together.

Our first session together we will spend a lot of time ensuring you feel safe, comfortable and calm as you begin your journey within by listening to my voice and floating down into the restful natural trance state of hypnosis. We will do a short exercise to prove to you that you are in hypnosis so that we can continue working on your goal without you asking yourself "am I really in hypnosis?" In our first session I will do all of the work for you, ensuring that you have a no pressure first session. Each session is customized to meet your individual needs from the method of hypnosis that will best work for you, how we communicate in the most effective way with your subconscious mind for further insight and to address challenges holding you back. We will create tools unique to your needs in helping you achieve your goal. We will then gently exit you from hypnosis and have a debrief with you.

Our second session and beyond we are following where the therapy takes us depending on what happens during and after our previous sessions together. I am focused on being a client centered hypnotherapist so you can expect each of our sessions together to be customized to your individual style, what your needs are, how you are progressing, and your goals. What we will not do is relive traumatic events as this is not necessary to you achieving your goal.

Our sessions together are meant to be goal and solution oriented. This means that I want to see you getting results, and if you have not experienced some obvious progress within 2-3 sessions we will be working together to do some deeper work to see what needs to be addressed. Imagine or think about for a moment an onion … following where the therapy takes us is a bit like peeling an onion, it is not a peel off the outer skin and poof the rest of the onion miraculously disappears… it is a powerful process that can involve peeling off a few layers to get to the center and in this case our goal.


You can't hide passion! Meriah is so incredibly passionate about helping people and providing an excellent service! I was comfortable with her the second I met her. She has made hypnotherapy such an amazing experience, I was eased into it, able to ask as many questions as needed and always felt and knew I was in control. I appreciate everything she has done for me and HIGHLY recommend her!!

~ K.H.

I feel so blessed I found Meriah at Windsong Hypnotherapy! I have done 2 years of counselling, which was amazing, but I always felt like I needed more, something deeper…Meriah has more than helped me with that depth!

I come out of each session feeling refreshed, renewed and I really accomplish so much each time…Things I wasn't even aware were going on for me brought to light…I highly recommend Meriah and her therapy to everyone I know.

You will sink calmly into her chair each time feeling safe and ready to discover more of yourself along the way.
Thank you Meriah for everything you've done for me!, I can't wait to see what my next session brings to me!

~ H.A.


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Meriah Pettersen RCHt.

701 Hwy 97
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