Meet Our Team

Windsong’s Hypnotherapists are all members of the Canadian Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and Educators.

Meriah Pettersen

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Owner & International Retreat Leader

Over the past 24 years Meriah has combined professional and spiritual training to assist clients in transform themselves on the inside & out.

She started her own personal journey to discover her authentic self 10 years ago and Hypnotherapy has played a vital role uncovering and addressing out of date beliefs and programs that where hindering her evolution into this best version of herself.

Meriah graduated as Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy and opened her Hypnotherapy Practice in sunny Vernon B.C. where she offers in person hypnotherapy session in her Therapy Suite and also distance hypnotherapy session to clients near and far. She utilizes hypnotherapy and intuition to create rapid, powerful and positive change which enables YOU to removing block’s and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your personal and professional goals.

“I believe my clients have all the answers inside of themselves to create their best version of themselves… I am honored to be their tour guide on this journey. Health and healing truly do begin in the mind!”

– Meriah Petterson, RCHt

June Ellen

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Vernon, BC

A lifelong pursuit to understand human thoughts and behaviours has lead June down many educational paths however it was with Hypnotherapy that she found a way to truly help people help themselves in the most impactful way.

June graduated as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy and has trained with the Mike Mandel Academy. She joined Windsong in 2021, offering evening, in person and distance transformational sessions, from the beautiful Okanagan.

She utilizes hypnotherapy to assist her clients in making their desired changes with a personalized approach to each individual, while removing the roadblocks they have faced in the past.

“Our minds are the most private place an individual has, at times it is the only private place someone has. I have the utmost respect for those who work towards continuous improvement by seeking increased self awareness and resolution to the issues that hold them back from living life the way they want. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist.”
-June Ellen

Breanna Bay

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist , Kinesiologist

Kelowna, BC

Breannas natural healing ability began in childhood and became apparent with her refined practice of awareness and self healing for the last 10+ years. After experiencing life changing results with hypnotherapy, she became even more passionate about healing others as well. 

With Breanna’s empathetic nature, she has a natural ability to relate and create a safe space for people to be their authentic self. She lives with the belief that by providing space with full autonomy and authenticity, the world changes for the better.

 “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself “ – Maryam Hasnaa

 Breanna is also a strong believer of living life intentionally; continuously growing mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her background of kinesiology, psychology, and the deep-rooted healthy lifestyle gives her a wealth of knowledge with exercise, nutrition, and behaviour. She continually pursues her life-long passion for living a healthy lifestyle and having genuine interest for others well-being by offering beautiful healing options like kinesiology, life coaching, and hypnotherapy.

Breanna has a genuine drive for assisting and supporting people to find the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled and successful version of themselves – whatever that means to them.

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